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A few months ago….

December 21, 2011 — Leave a comment

A few weeks ago I’ve got a commission on a new ship, orthough she’s small in size, but I’m going to make sure that she does have a serious punch what ever that she could muster plus a crew to do it too. I few weeks ago, I’ve been on the Vega sector, fighting the fight with the Borg incursion, they’ve been slowly ever so increasing reach of federation space.

I first entered the scene with having a few drinks with a few friends in the mess hall, on our shift, until that day, it was a long one, being red alert a mostly constant at all times in this sector, also just moments ago went to get a phaser pistol from the Master at Arms after having a visited the engineering section doing an armoury stock take if the corriodors are well armed.

Then it was later on having a decent sushi, it was modest lunch at most, and had the replicator add some sweet soy bacon also just to give an extra crunch. Until that red alert, racing out of the mess room, and finding ourselves with gearing up with our tricorders in the ready with a phaser pistol in the other hand, the ship was jolted constantly, there was several  breaches among other hulls. There was structures from the nearby corridors collapsing, from above decks, making away through several fire fights with the Borg, trying to re modulate constantly, just trying to think several steps ahead of the Borg adaptations to our weapons. A few could but some didn’t make it along the way, some had to run while they had the chance to. It was understandable.

Along the way we found one of ship’s corridors have been Borgify, with control conduits, and scanning found they were controlling parts of the ship, think the only way of disabling them the way through is discharging phasers down the throats of the conduits, and several other Borg that where maintaining there stations.

When had Analyst of the situation, we had a hand full of Tactical, some engineers, and two Sci officers left. what we had in mind is the have the Tactical distract the attention away from the Borg in maintenances duties, while we Sci, Engineers start disabling the Conduits. Some how along the way we had to do this fast, very fast just to over whelm the Borg, also giving there adaption a very much less chance of re modulating there amour shields.  We had the Tactical focus on each Borg, then start to re modulate their phaser settings.  It was a fight, fire fight, pretty much duck, cover then strike, and randomly those steps a few times down the ship’s corridors.

Taking down the conduits in the end, gave us back the control of weapons, and other vital shipboard  Engineering and operational systems back online. We had a couple of injuries, and one Tactical down, he fought hard, but there was a Borg right behind him waiting to assimilate  him in the end, he did what he had to do. It was hard to speak at that time, first time seeing a full phaser setting, let just say it, it was hard.   Some how I wish I got to know him, more.  My thoughts were saying to me, run, fight on.  So I pick up another spare phaser pistol from by belt, had my tricorder syncing them on random remodulation phase frequencies. And battling out with the rest of the team until we reach to the sickbay to attend the injured.