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Done by Tobias Richter on Lightworks.

I’ve visited Deep Space nine many times, but it you’re doing it on a shuttle craft by brilliantly manoeuvring,  by going from the bottom hard on with moderate thrusting on your retro manoeuvring system then gently  sliding out going flying backwards then you’ll get to see the centre community hub the Promenade. One thing doing such manoeuvring around DS9, it’ll helps you gain a combativeness edge in manoeuvring you Starship in where you have to swing your ship around in a quick amount of time.  One thing thou, piloting my shuttle around Starbases it’s quite awesome fun also amps up your egde!

This is something that’s need required reading before going to bed, is a rather usefully book,  that  will save you, just like another required book that’s need  reading during breakfast , like Mr Scott’s guide to the Enterprise.  This book does so much more, it a survival guide that helps you along the way.  Cleverly written by David Mack, Illustrated by Timothy M.M. Earls

The survival Guide fits neatly in your inside away mission jacket, it’s pretty good of its content also, of how to use the most unconventional ways of utilizing standard equipment, how to used medicine in unconventional ways to save your life, also dangerous species that you may encounter in extreme situations also scenarios also.

Reading this guide, also work outs with another manual that requires good reading during lunchtime,  which is the Star Trek the Next Generation Technical manual of the Galaxy Class Starship.

I found this book pretty handy when coming to in need of landing a shuttle craft safely when I had a case of when the main and aux power were offline, and staying in for the night, while repairing the craft and need some warmth of tweaking my Phaser to create fire by aiming some gathered rocks to keep warm.

The Star Trek: Starfleet Survival Guide could be found at Amazon ISBN-13: 978-0743418423