Trying to be Diplomatic – Looks like shore leave is over.

June 18, 2013

Having had a massive shore leave, thinking it was about time I got back into things. The ship was ready had, a massive retrofit through out its system before we decide it was time for shore leave. It was interesting recabling the ship’s  EPS wiring thoughout the Jefferies tube, crawling around with the engineering team, it was fun, learning a lot from the shipyard engineers also.  Looking back it only took a good hard works of three weeks, everything had been organised, when came in back from deep space.

We added gave her, also a major hull reconstruction, out from a basic Miranda class’s super structure framework, while keeping her main systems onboard.  Orthough, it would have taken us almost three months to complete giving her new clothing. But, at that time, the San Francisco and Mars Utopia fleet yards had some modular hull parts that they already constructed on and some of them that we needed have finished, and readily to be installed on after a conversion within three weeks of retrofitting  her, U.S.S Tauriel.   So a new hull, new nacelles also new systems.


My shore leave was great, a full three week worth.  , when back home,  to my loft and just spend most of the time on beach, and hanging around with family and friends, checking out a living museum shopping complex naming Santa Monica place.  The food was great, having sampling some interesting fusion food, from an Asian fusion SOHO restaurant.  Even today that taste still lingers. Holding my tongue, figuring, forensically what’s that special ingredients are, still?

My first week was spending time, looking over the new specifications of the USS Tauriel, also getting to know her again. Making corrections, checking them in a home build Holodeck in a section of my loft. In which is a converted SOHO warehousing, moderately size building, looking back it took me several years converting the place, floor by floor, installation by installation.  When I first got it, it was very much derelict building but it had character to it, historically. Now it felt right, but there are a few, no several more empty sections of the building, waiting to be filled out. Maybe after a few months I’ll go shopping for some more items.

Somehow that first week, I’ve haven’t told that my folks, that I’ve got shore leave. Big massive opps….!    Got really, lost in getting to know the new systems in place, also work aswell.  Wondering if I had made the right designs modifications to install the beam arrays, or the installation of Dual beam arrays.  Guessing that,   think that I’ve made the right choice, of installing the Beam arrays, instead of installing the dual beam which have only a minimiumly small firing angle.  After spending the first weekend trying all, well mostly simulations, combat situations to figure out how she’ll joust and parity.