Trying to be Diplomatic – Looks like shore leave is over – maybe…

June 20, 2013

That second week, I’ve updated, all the upgrades that are needed later on, transmitting back to USS Tauriel. Then I had guilt, so I’ve decide to call my folks.  Hoping that they will, be home, or taken their communication device. Calling………hearing a ring… tone, but no one receiving, then again calling….hearing a tone…none…..  They either left their device at home, or they might be in the field, Thinking of both situations where they’re in the field.

So, I’ve decide to surprise them, packing my clothes, also other few things  into a suitcase also a copy of my whole wardrobe on a replicator isolinear chip so later on I could replicate any clothing that I’ve have here at my folks place.  Know this is going to be  a short trip between.  Walking to the  bedroom console, holding up a padd up, then starting to shut down some non- necessary items down at home, and leaving only the main systems on.  Looking around the place seems bolted.  Walking up to my bedroom on top of building, with over sees the view of the garage on the roof, I proceed to ready my home build Yellowstone heavy shuttle variant,  turning on her systems on, also placing a couple of suitcases, in one of the living compartments in her.  I’ve settled the remaining shutting sequences down.  As I sat on helms chair, piloting her out, from the hanger, as the home’s hanger door begins to shut everso automatically as the lock down sequences finalised.

Racing rapidly above the Los Angeles night sky, flying away trying to merge with the flying traffic, in a sort off manner . Racing waywardly past the Santa Monica’s pier, watching the people below from the helms window of Yellowstone variant shuttle, named Mia Toretto.  Then re -concurring my flight plan with air traffic control.  Seeing the rear image stream of Californian West Coast line disappearing  the on one of the many displays as it welcomes the view of the pacific ocean.