Trying to be Diplomatic | going home……

June 27, 2013

Looking onwards, racing towards the shore line, seeing the shore lines of the west coast of the Auckland. Seeing the sandy black sands of Piha, watching people below enjoying the adventurous challenging surfs of is beating crushing waves pounding its shore line.  Looking below, looking for a spot where I used to surf adventurously,  also on the left distance that same house that I used to time share with friends  during summer season when  in my younger youth.  Spend endless days on end on surfing Piha.  Looking back that house, seems a little bit empty now.

Piha Beach, spends endless days during summer and late spring with friends.—- old photo..



Turning Mia around a navigation beacon located around Auckland city on one of the tallest towers in the city, some 600 meters high, which services as a shuttle docking facilities, and services as one of many subspace communications towers in Auckland.  In some century years back wellington was to have one, until that unfortunate day it collapsed the first one built in the country under a massive earthquake, and the tower fell onto the Beehive also the parliament buildings, and Wellington wasn’t the same again. So the capital got relocated to Auckland, very much so it became a massive living city museum in some parts.

Slowing down, Mia. As making ways to head down south, of Auckland pasting Auckland international Airport, then crossing into the main aerial shuttle traffic on wards to just before  rural Papakura township,  seeing it now, once a small rural township, it’s now one of the busiest townships in New Zealand, growing into New Zealand’s second largest international space port, Ardmore, Ardmore interstellar,   next to Auckland international, now Auckland Interstellar Port.

Pasting Ardmore, seeing now how large they expanded into other older former farm lands, seeing only a few Kilometres away from the Ardmore, seeing a yellow summery painted home, very much like the Kent’s in Smallville, with the traditional barn house attached to it. Seeing the barn house remind me, Em’ my sister sharing the same loft type bedroom, so much room..

Slowing down, making the necessary manually landing procedures,  as I see more the yellow house wooden panel walls more in to nearly  ground level,  and the white corrugated painted roof line disappears.  Gently landing Mia, and hearing her landing systems touching the ground with a slight gentle thump. Then shutting down her main systems, then walking out, and making way out into a wintery farming chill gushes in the shuttle as the hatch opens outwardly . Grapping a jacket, from warmth from the airlock’s locker, putting it on, while walking out, on to a slightly muddy terrain, noticing it must have been massively showering with rain few weeks ago.

Walking onwards to the whitely painted deck,  stopping at the front door, then it unlocks the door with a bioscan. It unlocks. Stepping inside making ways to the first thing I think of is the kitchen.. then I saw mother, her dark crimson red hair pony tie back, fixing something with several devices.  It was the food replicator. Then I spoke out “ Mom” then she look back in surprise warmly welcoming “ El’…! “  Short for Elise.  She stopped what she was doing she came, walked over and gave a genlte kiss on the  temple of my forehead, then gave a massive hug, like that warmthly hug saying out you’re alright, you’re home….. Home.