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“ –It’s Alright your home… “ hugging me tightly, then messing my hair up, as she normally do. Seeing it has grown from a short cut sleek hair, to more shoulder length hair, almost just like hers.  Hugging me again, comfortly with comfortness. “ Mom, .. I’ve tried to call you, and you wasn’t answering your hails, ….?.” Concernly.   She with, “ it’s okay…., we just had a massive thunderstorm and constant lighting,  just it blew out most of the commutations systems. At home. .. “  looking around the kitchen,  finding a make shift Tricorder, that Mom made. Scanning around,  using different sequences, between various Geo scans, there was, outside the homestead,  in the field a massive burnt out patch where it struck nearby the comms tower.

Mom pick up an old kettle and start up a fire wood burning iron cast stove, that she used just in case. She always love traditional stuff.  Once it was started, she fill the Kettle with water, then place it on the stove.  Then  grabbed a  couple of cups, on the kitchen table, finding some Earl Grey tea bags, placing in each of the cup, well they were hand crafted mugs, really. She explained that Father, “ your Father when to town to get some communications  and replicator parts, he’ll be back very soon this evening, ….” Knowing Father he’s very particulate in finding parts.  Took him ages to find engine parts to build Em’ and my car, both Holden Torana GTR replicas, then many other vechicles to follow, he said once you get to know how to build a car from scratch, or from stock you’ll get to know how to build anything from the ground up.

Waiting for the water to boil in the kettle, asking Mom for that “ would it be nice that  I could replicated the parts in my roundabout, only some minor parts,…?” Mon lifting the boiled kettle from the hot stove, then pouring it in the mugs, answered, that would be okay, but hopefully that you have an enough fuel to get back… ?” Knowing me, that I always “  I did left my place with a full tank of Deuterium,  which is good… “ She handed me a mug, it was warm, but nice, sipping it, then more.  Seeing the steam vaporizing up from the tea.

“ your sister Em’, is very concern about you  tells me that you’re having flash backs, from when,  you encounter the Borg. On that day, I’m also deeply sorry …..” I know that mom was concern about me going into the Vega system where it was Borg invested, on my first day sent out onboard a Miranda class to rescue survivors from damage ships in the battlefield… same thing when she thought almost  lost father.  Laying my head down, looking at the parts that need replicating also, trying to not thing what she might say next.  Then it came, she said his name ”  that your boyfriend Kane died in combat while you guys were together… “  my thoughts in thinking what to replicate and repair, frozen. The Mug of Earl Grey, slip away from my hand has I was warmth, now frozen, frozen, has my heart pounded a little faster than, hearing  my heart thumping my head, thoughts. The warmth of the Mug met the table, pouring out the warmth onto the surface.  That moment having tears sliding down on my checks, spelling out, “ … Mom I love him… “ more tears..” I had to shoot him….” Mom came closer, then a comforting hug, tight with one hand finding the tissue to wipe away my tears….” I had to shoot.. Didn’t want him to suffer… being assimilate…… it was just us on that deck trying to rescue people ,where there was none….” Sobbing… as my heart was turning.. beating  faster…

Then there was a large object in the distance, thrusting down… in the nearby paddocks of the farm, it sounded like a larger landing than my Yellowstone roundabout…. Still sobbing… as mom comforting me, telling me that it was the right thing to do, that you didn’t want him to suffer, she knows.. she know how that feels…  picking up the mug, then finding a tea towel, to wipe away the split tea on the table, mom said it didn’t matter, that it could be done later…..

Then someone came in, still in casuals, uniformly.. It was father…father…… he looked concern confused… then dropped down his backpack, on the floor, then ran towards. then hug me. “ what’s wrong El’… you’re aright.. “ then mom whisper what happen into his ear…..” I’m sorry…. so sorry.. El’…..that you lost Kane.. “ that moment a tear ran down his check..  knowing that he lost someone has well in life..

I was tired, drained, father lifted carry me to my old bedroom,  with mom following behind, with blankets, dad  laid me down to my old bed. Mom covered me with a few layers of blankets,  then kissed my forehead, then she said.. “ just sleep, you safe now..  It takes time your heart to heal… “ as she and father walks out from my bedroom,  “ your mom’s right you know… Kane would have made a great son in law…  I would like that, I know how extremely,  very close that you’re together.. “ coming back, and making sure that I have enough blankets for the night, and handing me padd just in case to raise the room’s environmental controls.  Then walking out from my bedroom.. then stopped at the door, then saying “ if it wasn’t for your mother.. Diner girl…whom taught me many things also she save my crew, by taking command and out maunvering  out a dozen Klingons in one sequences attack… while I was in sickbay injured… she almost lost me that day…. Sleep tight you….  “