LOST STARFLEET GUY | happy, free, confused, lonely at the same time- where’s Simon..?

December 30, 2013

Here I am, sitting on a bench watching the shuttles going to and fro from the shores of San Francisco Starfleet Academy. It’s been a very cloudy for some parts… of the day.. Also looking into the city… Having my lunch that I pick up at the Academy’s café 62… having it ordered straight from café’s Kitchen, and it’s a late lunch. Getting ready to meet up with a fellow friend Simon.. Knowing Simon he’s been very late, lately… In catching up..?

Having munching on this delicious beef Kiwi burger… then finishing it off very messy sauced hands.. Grabbing the napkin and trying to cleaning the various sauces from my fingers, sticky.  Then trying to remove the sauces from my sticky fingers, and then throwing the messy napkins into the burger’s takeaway bag. Placing the bag aside me, and then picking up a medium fizz soda drink, it was almost empty. Must be the fries that was salt, that may explained the sudden urge to drink something fast, the fries were way too salty…. Somehow I gonna to find a place where they serve great decent fries and burgers.

Looking around, placing the trash into a nearby trash can on the bench that I’m sitting next to.. Looking at the display unit that’s embedded into my jacket.. Looking at the time… And wondering where Simon could be… Normally that dear boy has his communicator switch off…  Wonder where he could be…

Looking again at the display on my sleeve, Noticing that the ship construction schedule is on time..  Reading that the superstructure has been laid in utopia planitia fleet yards on mars…  Looks like it’s going to be least six or seven months until it looks like anything that resembles a ship…  Give or take five months, it will have the basics…. The Saucer, the hull, the nacelles…. The name of the ship, the name of the ship…?

Standing up, then trying to stretch… stretching my arms out… Wondering where he is, yes that’s him Simon. I’ve been waiting for least almost two hours… Looking at my display on my sleeve, looking at my playlist of songs, in the artist album categories. Stumbling onto one… So this is the name of my first ship…  It’s going to be call… Sending the transmission to Utopia Planitia construction yards mars to my think to my Chief Engineer… Got a quick response, quite sudden, that was quick, I thought… The other guy in which appeared on the display… Saying, are you sure? Questioningly, looking at the distance view of the San Francisco Harbor, seeing how it’s a beautiful day out there, guessing that Simon is preoccupied, together meant to be grading cadets on Starship tactical simulations.  .. then I said with a definite Yes! The ship that you’re looking in the making is going to be name as the U.S.S. Taylor Alison Swift…

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