DINER GIRL | my prescription- home

March 31, 2014

After a few stops in between various cites…. In which the trip took a day, in which didn’t surprised me on this trip… given the lateness on the pilot, and looking around into the sunset in my share of passenger window… gazing into the descent sun rays… as it glow the clouds below. Looking below as I could see the yellow amber glow of the city lights… and seeing the outline of the East coast of the US.. and there I see it, it’s my home, home that I’ve been away for  a long while.. My first prescription of shore leave, then putting my jacket back on then turning it back on its display lit up during the shuttle descending through… The clouds those racing pass the view of the window in the soon not to be sunset… And as the view of the city had grown larger in view… Then looking out to that same street in that distance in the horizon is where my Parents work, that Diner… that nearby a historically music label museum… Big Machine records… Close by to the Spaceport is one of my many childhoods favorite haunts… Now I know…. I’m home for rest… looking at the window… its Nashville…