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Standing in next to the Church’s main alter in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris..  looking around Plus having after hearing Simon died onboard his ship, and also hearing that off his late dearest wife too almost a year ago, also that after trying to save him in a collapse decking in engineering on his ship which analyzing it right now is nightmarish at the moment.  Knowing that Lost Starfleet guy and I told him not to go for a small ship commission, also the mission, assignments that he’s after are too extreme for his ship class… during that time, thinking how structurally damage his ship is, hearing from the reports, that Lost Starfleet Guy was serve injured in where he was knock out trying to save the two… but to no avail.. Guessing that there was something else going on in an incident where there was some sort of Klingon incursion, where Simon ship is was out gunned…  It was only a Saber variant class.. we kept telling him goes for something like the Armitage Class where it’s designed to do mission extremities he something  wanting needed to do pushing himself….  Looking around then at the following crowds, whom so wonderfully seated… awaiting so patience… looking right next to me.. Thinking that Simon should be standing here where I’m standing here today…

Then checking and straighten out my Starfleet uniform out, orthough, last night I just gave the uniform  a good iron, and patting down one of uniform Jacket pockets, wondering if I’ve gotten Diner Girl and Lost Starfleet guy’s wedding ring… opening  that pocket.. as my fingers do the searching..  Fingers started thinking … that small box… Yes..!