DINER GIRL | looking at that screen showing my work in Paris

June 9, 2014

That moment of stepping out of the taking of my Comm badge off and inserting into my Jackets wearable device Comm placement then setting on standby…  thinking as I entered to Nashville’s spaceport terminal for the required for customs and immigration paperwork.. Reaching out on my internal left sleeve… Finding a small micro Isolinear chip. Then handing it over to the customs terminal… Finding it passed without my former works processing papers then reinserting back in by Jacket…  Looking around finding, there was lots of food stalls of all types and various other species… finding lots have change the last time I walk through this section…  of this terminal it’s a little brighter … fresher as it was clean..  Looking at the surrounding the walls of the terminal, above the stalls were quite a lot of advertising… Besides that, it was one large major holographic screen where it featuring major news something about my work place… that there was unusual large amount of shuttle traffic looking at the featured article closer.  Something that I’ve seen as I left from Paris from a further distance….  Somehow I could hail in, to call in to check in to see what’s up then again but then someone told me I need rest… And knowing that someone, that someone that I know and work for can handle it for herself…  And knowing that she could.. Thinking now that she’s sitting in my super comfy teal chair right now… In my office with all those Holo displays circling around that chair, having that awesome view of Paris should keep her clam and tested this time… thinking that she’s ready to sit in that chair of mine..