DINER GIRL | behind that door numbered thirteen…?

June 30, 2014

Making my way out form the halls of spaceport, then using the internal trams to Exit out from the building itself finding standing for a while outside the entrance, then looking out nearby finding a cab.. Deciding to hail it.. It came, having to find it not traditional driverless, finding an actual driver in the driving seat… I got in… then he got my luggage into the boot… once settle I told him given directions   to a nearby storage warehousing, where he understood where it is … Where I’ve left something behind a long time ago…  Traveling down this road where’ve I seen long ago, looking out the window… Looking at the light polluted night, only seeing a few stars peering right out… Seeing multiple streaking reflect of light, like back in my childhood days…. Seeing the sunlight reflectively from Starships that travelling above makes an awesome view a night sleeping under the stars with Father renovating my bedroom with a sheltering slide roof skyline, with a mobile 30inich Meade telescope attaching to that viewing central station that I sit on endless nights…  so I could view the pasting Starships above earth..

Looking around as the Cab driver turns into the drive way of the storage warehouse…. The gates open as I spelling out and show my access credentials…. Towards the guy working in the night shift booth… As we drove down to the following storage warehousing..  Moving around finding a red painted door… Marked with the number thirteen… In bold white slightly worn…..  Then I told the cabbie to stop here.. Opening the cab’s door.. And getting out and looking at this massive door…  that once, still contained my old friend whom been around with me through life…  then the driver got my luggage out from the boot.. And curiously concern that I’m going to be left alone in all this darkest alley look around… then I told him “it’s okay to go… and if something happens.. I can basically handle things on my own”…. Opening my jacket… He understood… After I still have some of my work gear on that shouldered holster… Revealing a modified slide arm… My modified Phaser Pistol… otherwise my work will have to pick up the tab…

The Cabbie drove off… in and out into the distance of the warehousing…  I reach out to my jackets Comm displays.. Activating a Tricorder holding out my left wrist… Making those several command keys to open that door in which marked out boldly numbered thirteen…  Also behind that door…  something roared back to life as the large storage interior lights out with it was my friend … that classic crimson red white stripe 1969 Cadillac Deville convertible… saying that Hello as I grab my luggage and hauling in the back seat.. and checking the systems on my jackets display that’s ready to go..  and I said back with a hug, hugging that bonnet feeling  that engine then the tyres fold back inside glowing with a white circular glow emitting the flow elevating her  then getting in to driver side, feeling that red leather patent steering  wheel again..  Lifting, a few commands then the rear small impulse exhaust started to roar back to life.. Then I drove her out from storage then finding my helmet, wearing it then the Head up Displays turn on… Then now in mid-air, seeing the cabbie making out the drive way.. Seeing the storage door closes…  Then saying    “Heya Erin- I missed you… Dearly… Then hugging the steering wheel…  then making ways to my Parents place surprising them.