DINER GIRL | heya folks where are you guys…?

July 24, 2014

I arrived later in the night to my parents place where it was in the well maintain suburbs of Nashville… it was dark so I told Erin, to turn on the search lights on… she did… below from her chassis  has the four levitation units, which were modified  gimbal tyres, looking at my helmet HUD displaying showing the gimballing tyres were about to descend , balancing out on to an old landing deck next to my old bedroom with a vechicles maintaince bay nearby below the landing bay, for just in case quick repairs…

Erin and I landed.. noticing I had her on standby all this time, with the fuel batteries charged all this time while I was out working  the last time I drove her, was before I had left for Starfleet Academy, then placing her into storage, that was some decade ago… then leaving her on standby.. With all the interconnecting power and data conduits leaving her fed. I must have modified her out seriously, awesome…thinking back to my teenage years spending time in the west coast in LA, at West Coast customs… Spending time working at their workshops getting to know how to modify various vechicles…  thinking back that paid off to modifying Starships..


Having to put Erin on standby again… Then grabbing my luggage out from the back seat, then unlocking the hanger bay door, with a bio signature scan, then it unlocked two door hatches to my Conservatory bedroom… In which I placed my luggage in the corner next to my double bed.. Looking at it, the covers haven’t changed… also noticing my parents aren’t at home… after checking out the house out… all three levels out,  including the tubular support lobby that’s holding  it up, thinking they’ve may have been busy at work…  making the way back, looking around my old bedroom  then looking at the timepiece it’s eleven at night… Also its Friday…that means late night at The Nash…

Having locking the place up again… Then jumping back into Erin, I’ve fire her systems up.. as I switch in between flight modes, decided to put her on flight mode all the way then steering wheel  unresided below the dashboard, then several Holo displays appear in order,  with a manualised  flight joystick appearing next to the to my right sided of my seat.. also reading my data present on helmet’s HUD …   I then entered the coordinates for” the Nash”