DINER GIRL | that door bell just ring to my parents diner – The Nash..?

November 8, 2014

Opening that door then closing it behind with small ding of a bell… it rang for a while till it fade as I closed the white wooden doors with a glint of rusty teal showing through the paint work of the wooden frame…. walking in.. The door closing behind me…  Looking around, seeing the 1950’s diner décor around…  with the still ruby candy leather chairs, with chromed rim tables… as I remembered from the last time I was here, leaving for Starfleet Academy in San Francisco… then looking at the classic 1960’s Coca Cola posters that adored the white Diner walls … making my way to the counter looking at this new receptionist that I haven’t seen before.. Then looking at that counter where the Holo Till is as she processes the day’s daily of the night as I see the remaining customers of the very late, nearly midnight exiting the diner’s white flaky teal worn door….  With the original stripe neon wording saying it’s still open… proud that  it’s still working after fixing it a few times.. Otherwise it ended in my bedroom secretly…

The short hair pixel brunette hair teenage receptionist approached me, in saying that the Diner is closing in about thirteen minutes… as she look at that analogue white faced, black Patons clock right behind her… Then she reproach with a look… as she seems to look at me with my slight disadvantage… as seeming that she knows me “ I think I know  you from somewhere.?” … and pointing at my Starfleet red uniform Jacket with the teal stripes indicating my science colours..  And replied back “yes I work with Starfleet” she not that replied back… “I know you from somewhere.. That ginger lovely ruby hair..?” with as my eyes gives questioning look at her “yes  … I think my hair is lovely…? So is yours” Noticing that I’ve haven’t wash it since I left from Paris..  She with a yes that’s her replied look… “Thanks…” then she lifted up a very poniard old framed family portrait…  which sits at the counter… then she bellowed out “it’s you in the portrait”…  Then she ran into the Kitchen and hearing behind the semi open kitchen… “I think Your Daughter… is here… The one from Starfleet… the one who works in Paris”