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Making ways to one of the Dining Tables of the Diner.. We sat down Father told the receptionist to get rounds of cups of coffee” Karen could you please get us around of coffee also one for yourself too. You earn whatever poison you like… Also one for herself too… Looking at her scruffy stained apron also that… Looking at her moderate messy pixel hair looking that she had a pretty full working on day…

We got started talking with my folks, as Karen in the background started to brewing up some cups of coffee steaming out the warm milk into the shots of coffee into the Diners porcelain teal white cup out from reddish candy traditional antique Barista machine as hearing the steaming noise…  only thinking that’s a recently new addition the counter.. as my parents love collection and restoring old things as they collect in their travels..  As behind the counter a wall full of childhood polaroid’s of us in the background..

Taking of my jacket off and placing on a nearby chair, then revealing also my self-modified Phaser pistol. Still in my shoulder holster, then my parents starting look at wondering that’s new… Wondering if it’s standard issue also with that… Dad Asked. “Do you always carry that around…?  Replying back… “Most of the times only at work. but…” just noticing it now, now thinking I’ve a got a work habit that I’ve haven’t notice that  before… also telling my folks it’s safe” – it’s okay… The bio-safety is on also the power fuel cell magazine is removed …” comforting and reassuring them saying “I’ll put it in a safe locker when we get home…”