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kerin class two sketch onea


Five months ago… before that construction of that Odyssey class..

I was looking back on some items around my home, and found some drawings of mine in a box.. and how I sketching up quick  with just the basics with markers and pens,  during the summer break as when I was younger on my grandparents  farm in Nashville, also their getaway home Hong Kong, spending time with my them, those endless summer outdoors with A4 writing pad sketching up starship also how back then how it was a learning process of drawing it up then applying it to Holo suite at home in creating that ship deck by deck, system by system in away testing it out how It works inside out.. looking back at this one I drew it was pretty good.. it gave the Vesta class its run for its money well in the Holo suite any ways..

Morning.  sandwiching in between the layers of the blankets covering over me to keep warm even though I did use the environmental controls… still feeling a little bit drained, looking around at my old bedroom…… Seeing the pale teal walls matching up with the Victorian ceiling with a crystal chandelier that over hangs, then rumbling my hands over face… feeling drained… I guess it was an emotional disclosure that I haven’t resolve for a very long time…. I guess that yesterday I had to come home, to resolve,… still I miss him, Kane..

So…. I decide not to be mopey or tying not too…  Got out of bed, sat on it for a while, looking out the white frame windows, seeing  collages of outside imagines, mosaic dew condensations on the glass , hearing the birds tweeting away… in the rural silences…  stood up, walk to the large window frame. Noticing it was still darkly dawn… made my bed, habitly tidy….. Slowly though, then walking, mopeyly sighing with a an sighing beating heart  to the bathroom getting ready for the morning.  Brushing my teeth, splitting out the toothpaste foam in to the basin sink, then looking at myself at the mirror, looking messy.. what would Kane say.. Sighing heavily again. Looking at myself again, decidedly to take shower, getting out of my clothes that I’ve slept in…..

Having taking a long hot warm shower, thinking, trying to take and distracting myself attention to what parts that need to be replicate. Then drying out my hair with a hair dryer, then conditioning, moisturising, then using the hair straighter to straighten It…. Looking at my old wardorobe, seeing still the classic wardrobe that I’ve had.. orthough I could replicate my Santa Monica wardrobe.. it’s cold, thinking it’ll take time to warm the systems up, besides, my old bedroom is a traditionally classic.

Picking out some clothes out from my old wardrobe, dressingly, putting on fresh undergarments,  then finding some classic ink blue skinny jeans on, then finding some red hipster checked Amy Pond blouse on then, then the full length boots that I’ve was wearing yesterday also the Jacket….. To keep me warm in the early winters morning, then turning the lights off, as they come on when I wake up, thinking back least it stills remembers me…

Walking out from my bedroom, leaving the door open letting the fresh warm air exiting out to warm up the hall ways of the house, then walking past my parents bedroom, it was six-ish in the morning, reading the hallway clock as I walk past by.. the hall way was cold, it was creeping up on hands,… thinking that I should of getting wooden  mittens from my wardrobe… pasting my sister, Em’s old bedroom… noticing it hasn’t changed ever since she left for Starfleet Academy… then few years I followed.. Em is pretty cool, she now command a Odyssey class, it’s a large ship… after seeing in space dock of its enormous size, one point two kilometres long, Em’ must be stoked when she was told that she had command of a ship of that kind, stokely proud of my sister, she work extremely hard for it, plus her crew too…

Making down the stair ways, going past the library, then the lounge, then the Kitchen.  Walking slowly so I don’t waking my parents up… upstairs.  Finding the kitchen table finding the required parts to replicate, finding a Tricorder from my jacket’s pocket, then scan the parts, scanning, and then transmitting the data to my Yellowstone, Mia.  As I just then remotely started up Mia’s systems up, as if it was evacuation mission without starting up the main propulsion systems..  She accepted it, then also she doubly scan it too, it was great then in, using the Tricorder to have to instruct Mia replicate those parts without those faults… then when finish having it to site to site transport the parts over to the Kitchen table…

It was still dark, but graduating getting still twilight morning, plus noticing, looking out the Kitchen’s window, it was still extremely foggy outside, hasn’t been this densely covered for a very long time, like you couldn’t see, barely least thirty meters away… there was something in the distance but I could make it visually, it look large in the distance… but shadowy grey and long.. I was thinking it was the large forest trees in the distances… in which are nearby.. Distracted by the strange dark forest silhouette….. Wondering what is it…out there in the murky moisture kitchen window…

Playing with my hair, finding a hair in jacket pocket.. I tied my hair fashionably Into ponytail.. Looking at the old fashion kettle I began adding water in it.. after filling it up  turning up the element on.. placing the kettle to heat it up.. trying to find my favourite tea bags, blends. Found it.. they were hiding in place where  last place them seeming only yesterday when I left for the Academy… only looking at the my sister’s nearby coffee collection…

Hearing the kettle whistling…. I grab the kettle.. Starting pouring the boil water into the Edwardian  large white cup with the mixed blends of Earl Greys that I potion up, looking at this white cup, that always that I keep me in company during the winter seasons.. at the moment that company welcome, it slightly bit cold.. I found environmental controls, and turned up the wintery kitchen’s temp to a slightly more agreeable..

Walking around the kitchen, found an old favourite Tardis blue shape teapot… thinking in leaving a fresh pot for the folks, when they wake up….


Drawings… sketching..

October 3, 2013
kerin class two sketch onea

Kerin class.. heavy.. 950 meters long…a quick rough sketch..

Before being diplomatic……..

Sometimes, when it’s sunny or when it’s raining in the weekends I like to draw, out in the balcony of my building. Drawing Starships is one of them, also other stuff that lets my imagination run wild. Most of the time it’s either drawing on a sketch pad on paper, or being old fashion and sketching on old school blue lined  7 mm ruled A4 paper.. With blue, black inked fountain pens, plus a collection of Pantone Tria markers…

Sometimes also…. Drawing Starships help me to think how things work on board my ship…. the different aspect use of what goes where, and planning things out creativity, also making notes of what needs modifying… later on…

I drew this was interesting, it was an in between sketch of an intrepid, and a Vesta Variant, class with a land ability in mind so it can do heavy terrain mission given if shuttle and transporters prove difficult… so I’ve given this a class name.. Kerin..  I’ve drawn the warp nacelle a little much larger than the Vesta class variants. Given it five warp columns rails in one single unit so it gives the ship more higher degree room to move, spin rate in combat with heavy duty retros RCS thruster dual quads units , , instead of trailing and following a target.. plus it’s 950 meters long…

Its best view in full screen in HD | Done by VideoSpaceFx | Glass City Communications

Love when a new Starship gets build and sent off on its maiden voyage. And seen the process of seeing the superstructure being lay down and to least of a quarter year it’s finally built. As for this ship it’s a 310 meter long Constellation class USS Valkyrie, NCC 2590.  Getting ready to undergo its maiden voyage around the Sol system. Captain by Edward Stainfield.

Built by the-  Yoyodyne propulsion system.

Constructed at- Copernicus Base Starship Construction Facility

Based on Star Trek Valkyrie