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I’m looking over head towards the window of my bedroom as the sunrise warm glow enters through it shining that warm yellow glow that I love in the morning as my bedroom window reduces it tinting as it senses making way for sunlight hits it then filling it with warmth..  Then looking past Ocean Ave the sun light hits the pacific ocean of Santa Monica Beach… … Looking around bedroom finalizing the selection my clothing in my luggage then pulling it in from my walk in wardrobe… then finding a tricorder in my jacket pocket… Flipping it then taking a scan as the sensors working of my remaining of my wardrobe so I can replicate it later on as I scanning over my wardrobe then uploading it to upstairs…

Having scanned all of my wardrobe and checking my uniform in place, also in orderly… Decidedly to take a morning shower before it hit an early breakfast then reading this morning briefings before I fly out to the next assignment.. Then walking downstairs out from the bedroom floor into a lobby area in where the other half of the bedroom floor is my sister Elise… Having heard that she’s almost finishing up her final years of first command it’s pretty Awesome as that shone on my smile as I look at her other half of the bedroom floor..

Walking down to few layers of steps… to the three level lounge mix kitchen… and seeing in the center of the floor a few museum pieces that Dad collected over the years of music memorabilia major of the collection was from Nashville and this building was previously Capitol records he brought previous and moved from Hollywood and Vine having seeing the build in a heart breaking derelict condition so he brought it. Then having his Starfleet engineering friends to move it where it’s is today in where they owe him favours and still more.. Dad keeps telling my sister and I, every time when shore leave comes he comes along and off course Mom… helps out to renovated the building as I can see both the work they did in recreating this building together..


Looking out of the window seeing the beautiful timeless streets, buildings of Paris, looking out at the place where I worked for many years without taking a break or shore leave as they say.   Sitting comfortably in the seat, comfy, then trying to catch up on the socials on my Jacket sleeve display, then  having later, switching the social screens off having a moment time by myself looking out the window again, waiting for the other passengers to be seated.

This time I’m taking a civilian shuttle seeming strange as mind keeps telling me, trying to compare the in between mod cons.  Hard to believe that I’m not taking my usual flight routines ones that I used take regularly and the vehicle of choice….  Sitting comfortably, on comfy window chair seat.  Looking back at the Parisian landscape looking at the very near distance of where I worked, seeming lots of out and in goings of shuttles wondering what’s is happening over there, thinking they’ve got it under controlled .….. Panning my view, looking in the distance of the beautiful Eiffel Tower in which was only structurally restorated soundly… only few years ago, it’s even stronger now with a fresh coat of nano paint.  Looking in the distance, looking how the sun risen over in the morning casing a dark Eiffel tower silhouette in my view of the window….

Looking around seeming there’s more passengers been seated now, plus the cabin temperature has gotten slightly warmer, as I unzip my jacket…and rolled up my jacket sleeves only a quarter up a preparing on a seeming, pretty short trip, looking around to the front of the shuttle, seeming looks like that the cockpit has been closed off, unlike the shuttles that I used to fly…. but looking at the forwarding seat in front of me.. Seeing the display…  seeming that there’s a few more stopovers before heading back home in Nashville…


This is something that’s need required reading before going to bed, is a rather usefully book,  that  will save you, just like another required book that’s need  reading during breakfast , like Mr Scott’s guide to the Enterprise.  This book does so much more, it a survival guide that helps you along the way.  Cleverly written by David Mack, Illustrated by Timothy M.M. Earls

The survival Guide fits neatly in your inside away mission jacket, it’s pretty good of its content also, of how to use the most unconventional ways of utilizing standard equipment, how to used medicine in unconventional ways to save your life, also dangerous species that you may encounter in extreme situations also scenarios also.

Reading this guide, also work outs with another manual that requires good reading during lunchtime,  which is the Star Trek the Next Generation Technical manual of the Galaxy Class Starship.

I found this book pretty handy when coming to in need of landing a shuttle craft safely when I had a case of when the main and aux power were offline, and staying in for the night, while repairing the craft and need some warmth of tweaking my Phaser to create fire by aiming some gathered rocks to keep warm.

The Star Trek: Starfleet Survival Guide could be found at Amazon ISBN-13: 978-0743418423