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A family drinking coffee  investigates deeper whom is this mystery Chinese young woman is …?”

Embrace and Kelvin looked at each other for a while, looks like “yes we did, we snuck in at night.. “ as Embrace explained “ it’s a little bit tricky this time.. We was there a couple times… also we couldn’t use the transporters otherwise that will tamper with the Quantum dating. “As she took her cup of warm coffee, then a slip of drink of warm coffee, “it was the only way possible.. Getting a sample, besides of waning our tricorders around.. “Both feeling caught, but it was good as Embrace and Kelvin looked each other caught…. Elise looked at them both… “That’s how I would go about……” both of her parents gave her that look you meant to be the good one so is Emmy too… “Guessing that her parents haven’t been on away missions for a very long time.. And this was one them in catching up that the ones they all missed.. “You guys haven’t been on way too many away missions together recently…” trying to change the subject…

“ when your mother done the Quantum Dating, forensically analysis, on the ink of the letter, also the ink on the signature.. The surprising thing.. The chemical composition in between the two matches… “as their father explained even further.. “ when I did a Security Holo playback of whom of various people that been visiting my office.. Finding one Holo copy has been erased… but there’s always a second and third copies that been backup for just in case in Hong Kong’s Starfleet Data Storage in the archives… Mostly high ranking personal don’t know that… But for you two’s that only for a need to know basis… “As their father displays the back up security footage… It shows a woman in her mid-late thirties, slightly tall, slim, slender build like supermodel found in those holo magazines…  but very Asian looking, Chinese like she’s originate from Hong Kong…  Given by the look of her style of hair, the makeup …. “We did a cross facial structural recognition…”   as their Mother explained “….from the Starfleet databases from Memory Alpha, also from the Academy… “As their father “… Also the letter envelope it was lick seal the traditional way…. There was her DNA … “As the sister’s Mother dials up another Holo Screens… In cross referencing to the Emilia towards the mystery young elegant late thirties Chinese woman’s DNA as both analysis it matches uncanny… “The Chinese Woman, with the rank of Admiral whom, entered my Office in San Francisco, broken every single security encrypted protocols … Just to place a traditional letter on my desk, why not just knock on my door…… Also the footage shows that she had some sort of hand held device, unlike any other tricorder that I’ve seen…” as the few layers of Holo images playback brought up in between the 23rd century Emilia also of the Chinese Admiral, both matches, DNA wise..  “The two sisters, sees clearly that both woman’s DNA matches… also the secondary bio security scans as well.. “



I’m looking over head towards the window of my bedroom as the sunrise warm glow enters through it shining that warm yellow glow that I love in the morning as my bedroom window reduces it tinting as it senses making way for sunlight hits it then filling it with warmth..  Then looking past Ocean Ave the sun light hits the pacific ocean of Santa Monica Beach… … Looking around bedroom finalizing the selection my clothing in my luggage then pulling it in from my walk in wardrobe… then finding a tricorder in my jacket pocket… Flipping it then taking a scan as the sensors working of my remaining of my wardrobe so I can replicate it later on as I scanning over my wardrobe then uploading it to upstairs…

Having scanned all of my wardrobe and checking my uniform in place, also in orderly… Decidedly to take a morning shower before it hit an early breakfast then reading this morning briefings before I fly out to the next assignment.. Then walking downstairs out from the bedroom floor into a lobby area in where the other half of the bedroom floor is my sister Elise… Having heard that she’s almost finishing up her final years of first command it’s pretty Awesome as that shone on my smile as I look at her other half of the bedroom floor..

Walking down to few layers of steps… to the three level lounge mix kitchen… and seeing in the center of the floor a few museum pieces that Dad collected over the years of music memorabilia major of the collection was from Nashville and this building was previously Capitol records he brought previous and moved from Hollywood and Vine having seeing the build in a heart breaking derelict condition so he brought it. Then having his Starfleet engineering friends to move it where it’s is today in where they owe him favours and still more.. Dad keeps telling my sister and I, every time when shore leave comes he comes along and off course Mom… helps out to renovated the building as I can see both the work they did in recreating this building together..


Making ways to one of the Dining Tables of the Diner.. We sat down Father told the receptionist to get rounds of cups of coffee” Karen could you please get us around of coffee also one for yourself too. You earn whatever poison you like… Also one for herself too… Looking at her scruffy stained apron also that… Looking at her moderate messy pixel hair looking that she had a pretty full working on day…

We got started talking with my folks, as Karen in the background started to brewing up some cups of coffee steaming out the warm milk into the shots of coffee into the Diners porcelain teal white cup out from reddish candy traditional antique Barista machine as hearing the steaming noise…  only thinking that’s a recently new addition the counter.. as my parents love collection and restoring old things as they collect in their travels..  As behind the counter a wall full of childhood polaroid’s of us in the background..

Taking of my jacket off and placing on a nearby chair, then revealing also my self-modified Phaser pistol. Still in my shoulder holster, then my parents starting look at wondering that’s new… Wondering if it’s standard issue also with that… Dad Asked. “Do you always carry that around…?  Replying back… “Most of the times only at work. but…” just noticing it now, now thinking I’ve a got a work habit that I’ve haven’t notice that  before… also telling my folks it’s safe” – it’s okay… The bio-safety is on also the power fuel cell magazine is removed …” comforting and reassuring them saying “I’ll put it in a safe locker when we get home…”



After a few stops in between various cites…. In which the trip took a day, in which didn’t surprised me on this trip… given the lateness on the pilot, and looking around into the sunset in my share of passenger window… gazing into the descent sun rays… as it glow the clouds below. Looking below as I could see the yellow amber glow of the city lights… and seeing the outline of the East coast of the US.. and there I see it, it’s my home, home that I’ve been away for  a long while.. My first prescription of shore leave, then putting my jacket back on then turning it back on its display lit up during the shuttle descending through… The clouds those racing pass the view of the window in the soon not to be sunset… And as the view of the city had grown larger in view… Then looking out to that same street in that distance in the horizon is where my Parents work, that Diner… that nearby a historically music label museum… Big Machine records… Close by to the Spaceport is one of my many childhoods favorite haunts… Now I know…. I’m home for rest… looking at the window… its Nashville…



Hearing the shuttle hatch door closed, then hearing, looking at the attendant, whom is doing the rounds of safety instructions… surprising it was one of the shuttle crew, looking in the forward section it seems it’s one of the two pilots trying to spell out the instructions in the most common languages, thinking and looking at him it’s normally it’s a hologram as I heard.. Otherwise thinking that this flight is sort of running late…. Looking around then strapping on the shuttle’s seat belt… then later soon seeing my view of the Paris rose thought the window… getting higher.. Higher until seeing the building roof tops… this is it. My long shore leave…. Then looking in the distance….looking in an urban street, a building with a white grey Edwardian Parisian roof top….  For once I’m leaving my city of work…  Then that feeling, the shuttle’s engines vibration humming smoother, as it gets to a higher altitude with a slight ease of my comfy seat pushing my back in….  Looking as the morning lighted glow Paris gets smaller…


Looking out of the window seeing the beautiful timeless streets, buildings of Paris, looking out at the place where I worked for many years without taking a break or shore leave as they say.   Sitting comfortably in the seat, comfy, then trying to catch up on the socials on my Jacket sleeve display, then  having later, switching the social screens off having a moment time by myself looking out the window again, waiting for the other passengers to be seated.

This time I’m taking a civilian shuttle seeming strange as mind keeps telling me, trying to compare the in between mod cons.  Hard to believe that I’m not taking my usual flight routines ones that I used take regularly and the vehicle of choice….  Sitting comfortably, on comfy window chair seat.  Looking back at the Parisian landscape looking at the very near distance of where I worked, seeming lots of out and in goings of shuttles wondering what’s is happening over there, thinking they’ve got it under controlled .….. Panning my view, looking in the distance of the beautiful Eiffel Tower in which was only structurally restorated soundly… only few years ago, it’s even stronger now with a fresh coat of nano paint.  Looking in the distance, looking how the sun risen over in the morning casing a dark Eiffel tower silhouette in my view of the window….

Looking around seeming there’s more passengers been seated now, plus the cabin temperature has gotten slightly warmer, as I unzip my jacket…and rolled up my jacket sleeves only a quarter up a preparing on a seeming, pretty short trip, looking around to the front of the shuttle, seeming looks like that the cockpit has been closed off, unlike the shuttles that I used to fly…. but looking at the forwarding seat in front of me.. Seeing the display…  seeming that there’s a few more stopovers before heading back home in Nashville…


Walking out the turbo lift, folding back my black Hipster rectangular glasses by into my jacket pocket… Then looking at the Holo hall Technicians.. Then signing on my Id . . . . Then dually double signing on again…  Just to reconfirm that this class final year exam is about to begin. Looking around just to see if Simon might pop up, with a surprise unauthorised transport knowing him he’ll do that … Nup…  no transporter materialization glow, or the blue soft humming energy to matter noise either.. . Sighing with a thought saying “Coming on chap, where are you..? You already letting your class down the same class that also teach also.. Also me to… you owe it to them “

Picking up the examination padd, looking what lies ahead.. Reading the examination notes… Checking what’s what… needs to be done and assess..  Looking around for one more time… Before I grade the class extremely hard…” after this I’m checking an old building in Santa Monica.

Besides that… walking into the hall seeing, the Holo deck starting to light up with the examination simulations…  my thoughts “Their final exam,  they Darn, I Hopeful that they graduate with flying colours… “Looking around seeing the faces of dozen cadets.. In the simulated Starships shuttle bay… Looking around… they may have the upper advantage that I did… Looking around it’s the Galaxy class variant retrofit… Cool…  unlike mine smaller a science Nova class… and looking around they’re going to have the upper hand… I hope…! Also this is my last class before go on a long shore leave..  But this dozen of cadets first …

Until that Holo Deck arch door open… My thoughts were jumping.. My head turn… In hoping also my thoughts saying… “About time… Simon… where have you…!” looking at the arch door… it wasn’t Simon… Disappointed… It was another cadet… Who have to make up for a previous exam…? After reading the Padds instruction that she gave me… then telling her to meet up with the dozen… now plus one…Thirteen…  Cool… Sounds like a lucky number think this is also going to be my one too…Thirteen…!


Continues ….