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Making my way to the Kitchen floor, finding an espresso machine like the one back in Nashville, The Nash. Bringing back memories of how Karen taught us how to make perfect coffee delights…  And grabbing my favorite teal mug.. the start prepping up the espresso.  Thinking this morning needing a strong cuppa of Latte, especially for the long short flight to something I’m working on a drydock for about six months….

Having prepping the coffee like how Karen does it but with my little touch… then opening up the fridge finding a full Jug of Pancake mixture that I made overnight.. Thinking you can never go wrong with morning Pancakes..

Pouring the mixture on a non-stick frying pan lacing it with butter that I had given from my parents in New Zealand, reminding me of my parent’s home…..  As I poured the pancake mixture on the pan and seeing it slowly baking on the pan doing this deliciously over a dozen times placing the pancakes on the  resting on a white china plate realizing I’ve totally emptying out the jug and displacing it in the  sink ..  Even thou having a replicator in the kitchen, I still love the original taste of butter melting over the dozen pancakes, sinking it with maple syrup…

Having eaten Breakfast then having a second cup of coffee, and then checking out the morning news at six mixing it with this morning’s briefings of various sorts, until I’ve noticed a missing inventory that still needed to be installed…  looking closely more.. In that unchecked manifest of need to do’s load up list, someone has forgotten to load up Torpedoes.. In one of the torpedoes magazine cartilages racks bays nearby the engineering section in which that needs to mark urgently as my finger touched the screen marking it urgently… Then looking at deflector dish it seem find from the engineering report , checking that off…. as I Looking at the Holo Screen, closer in which a few minutes ago.. wait that Memo few weeks ago.. ?

Thinking back, has someone missed the inventories memo recently…. Then throwing up another Holo screen entering an encrypted commutations line to the Earth Space dock, doing a quick order to the Starbase quarter Master….

“ Hello this is Starbase seventy nine’s quarter master …. “ looking back the Holo screen noticing  that  I’m complete out of uniform..  Just in my every day morning casuals thinkingly also that the Torpedoes supplement is seriously on my lists among to do on many things… The Quartermaster started to look at me strangely that I’m out of uniform context… Then started to tell him whom I am.. “ This is Admiral Wasson  of the USS Lightning, I’ve notice that the supplements of Quantum Mark 13 Torpedoes haven’t been installed yet and accounted for, also that the cargo is done from yesterday’s manifest….. “ then taking a slip of Coffee that I’ve just brewed from my kitchen bench. Also thinking off my little sister Elise who’s on tour one of the youngest brilliant captains in Starfleet, or though there’s one disclosure that I must feel that she’s needs to take personal note from.. Otherwise it’s going to incur on her from the rest of her life, even though it’s going to take time.. Having yesterday of sending a Holo Message to my Parents in New Zealand about it feeling that’s I know it’s going to take time for her to recover from that incident in Vega System, I know they were closed together, even though he’ll make a loving caring brother in law thinking that’s what parents were thinking last night after having long talk last night that extended till the early hours of the Santa Monica morning… then leaving that message after that given that Elise may need some time of commanding otherwise it’ll get to her letting her having some disclosure…



kerin class two sketch onea


Five months ago… before that construction of that Odyssey class..

I was looking back on some items around my home, and found some drawings of mine in a box.. and how I sketching up quick  with just the basics with markers and pens,  during the summer break as when I was younger on my grandparents  farm in Nashville, also their getaway home Hong Kong, spending time with my them, those endless summer outdoors with A4 writing pad sketching up starship also how back then how it was a learning process of drawing it up then applying it to Holo suite at home in creating that ship deck by deck, system by system in away testing it out how It works inside out.. looking back at this one I drew it was pretty good.. it gave the Vesta class its run for its money well in the Holo suite any ways..

Drawings… sketching..

October 3, 2013
kerin class two sketch onea

Kerin class.. heavy.. 950 meters long…a quick rough sketch..

Before being diplomatic……..

Sometimes, when it’s sunny or when it’s raining in the weekends I like to draw, out in the balcony of my building. Drawing Starships is one of them, also other stuff that lets my imagination run wild. Most of the time it’s either drawing on a sketch pad on paper, or being old fashion and sketching on old school blue lined  7 mm ruled A4 paper.. With blue, black inked fountain pens, plus a collection of Pantone Tria markers…

Sometimes also…. Drawing Starships help me to think how things work on board my ship…. the different aspect use of what goes where, and planning things out creativity, also making notes of what needs modifying… later on…

I drew this was interesting, it was an in between sketch of an intrepid, and a Vesta Variant, class with a land ability in mind so it can do heavy terrain mission given if shuttle and transporters prove difficult… so I’ve given this a class name.. Kerin..  I’ve drawn the warp nacelle a little much larger than the Vesta class variants. Given it five warp columns rails in one single unit so it gives the ship more higher degree room to move, spin rate in combat with heavy duty retros RCS thruster dual quads units , , instead of trailing and following a target.. plus it’s 950 meters long…

Its best view in full screen in HD | Done by VideoSpaceFx | Glass City Communications

Love when a new Starship gets build and sent off on its maiden voyage. And seen the process of seeing the superstructure being lay down and to least of a quarter year it’s finally built. As for this ship it’s a 310 meter long Constellation class USS Valkyrie, NCC 2590.  Getting ready to undergo its maiden voyage around the Sol system. Captain by Edward Stainfield.

Built by the-  Yoyodyne propulsion system.

Constructed at- Copernicus Base Starship Construction Facility

Based on Star Trek Valkyrie

Done by Tobias Richter on Lightworks.

I’ve visited Deep Space nine many times, but it you’re doing it on a shuttle craft by brilliantly manoeuvring,  by going from the bottom hard on with moderate thrusting on your retro manoeuvring system then gently  sliding out going flying backwards then you’ll get to see the centre community hub the Promenade. One thing doing such manoeuvring around DS9, it’ll helps you gain a combativeness edge in manoeuvring you Starship in where you have to swing your ship around in a quick amount of time.  One thing thou, piloting my shuttle around Starbases it’s quite awesome fun also amps up your egde!

This is something that’s need required reading before going to bed, is a rather usefully book,  that  will save you, just like another required book that’s need  reading during breakfast , like Mr Scott’s guide to the Enterprise.  This book does so much more, it a survival guide that helps you along the way.  Cleverly written by David Mack, Illustrated by Timothy M.M. Earls

The survival Guide fits neatly in your inside away mission jacket, it’s pretty good of its content also, of how to use the most unconventional ways of utilizing standard equipment, how to used medicine in unconventional ways to save your life, also dangerous species that you may encounter in extreme situations also scenarios also.

Reading this guide, also work outs with another manual that requires good reading during lunchtime,  which is the Star Trek the Next Generation Technical manual of the Galaxy Class Starship.

I found this book pretty handy when coming to in need of landing a shuttle craft safely when I had a case of when the main and aux power were offline, and staying in for the night, while repairing the craft and need some warmth of tweaking my Phaser to create fire by aiming some gathered rocks to keep warm.

The Star Trek: Starfleet Survival Guide could be found at Amazon ISBN-13: 978-0743418423