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” …. I only just got my white jade silk Qipao dress tailor made last week.. “


The white portal of light emerged, illuminating the massive pond courtyard the sound of the groaning box, seems to get even louder as it just hovered box, then with a massive belly flopped the into the pond. Throwing tonnes of water out, splashing it over me to the study balcony..  . Running around to the courtyard pavement finding the box was burning inside, with the amber flames smothering as the water began to drown out the flames from inside, one of the doors of the box was open then the other pair followed.. It was in tanking excessively more water inside, like drowning itself to extinguish the fire from inside out, as  I saw it sinking into the depths of the lake pond, as the box was drinking it in, drowning itself.

Where the pond, smoke was bubbling foaming out from center the lake pond from where the box has crashed body slammed into.. Looking at the situation.. It seems dire.. Someone feeling could be inside there but it was just the risk of having a look.. Taking my  flats shoes off and throwing it to the pavement and my jacket aside fallen only wearing my summery mini white jade silk Qipao dress…… As I saw the lake started to be implode  drained, swallowing out progressively by an eighth of the volume now… Somehow that thing, that box seems like its drowning and in taking a lot of water to extinguish the flames with in… ..

I made the jump into the lake, knowing it was deep, some twenty to thirty meters deep. Holding my breath.. Looking as my dark black ink hair waved in the subversively in under the lake with the lake laminating form the surface above from the courtyard’s lights.. That’s flicking like glinted diamonds lighted back on in which I could see something below, sink, a box with both of its blue scared doors, seems like it was in battle of some sorts, ..  With the blue painted flaked out, bearing those scars as it was dying .. Highlighted in a white ivory scarring showing underneath hurting showing its aging, extremely aged for it .. as both doors open inside, with eruption amber bursting at the walls.. as it showed a silhouette of a fragmented console.. as the parts flushed inwards in this box. Inside big..

Swimming inwards to the doors of this drowning out box.. as seeing the center console, dead.. swimming finally inside, with all the water containing all the round things that exploding out as noticing  this box is dying in the process, it’s been through a lot, it’s traveled been to places uncountnessly  . Looking around as I swam inwards to this room, resembling a control room of some sort… Levers, keys from the physical keyboard are missing as the keys of the console floated around in the watered pool filled control room, with its centered column lights. as its breathing light was started dying out.. With one screen showing it’s try to contain something big with all that violent energy, of a ball in some chamber of sort that containing it started in the process of containment failure.. Reading what’s on the screen with circular dialed characters. Then one that’s something old I can read.. Having making, swimming my way to the console, I moved onwards to that panel then looking at the systems of the display. Dialling up a few commands that looks familiar, as my fingers dances to figure out then it dances on the screen, as the countdown clock to containment failure was adverted…  I somehow stopped something major from going to a disaster..


As the family gathers around a kitchen warmth, while the four becomes Sherlock of their family past……


The sisters father looking at the candy pink foundation pen.. “ if you notice the pens are exact duplicates of another.. As the mother investigatory spoken “we even look back at the pen’s history together well your twice great grandfather’s grandmothers’ one and …  How both came to be in there possessions Orthough it was a gift from him though..  But whom own it in the first place.. “Grabbing a padd device from the kitchen bench..  Both your father and I found it, both pens once below to a local farm, boy whom later found he was a she worked at the Auckland Observatory… Off course that observatory is no longer there but shifted for more room two centuries more ago… “   As Emmy read onwards into the letter… It mentions something about time… both their parents spoken ecstatically together…. The sister’s father Kelvin spoken “you go first… Embrace… “Embrace when further in explaining about the twin pens how it entered into their family’s timeline.. “ the Chinese Girl, that your father mistaking thinking it’s a guy due to the Observatory’s employment archive records… thinking it read Kevin James Ng.. But looking closer it actually reads Kerin Jade Ng in which we decipher in the very elegant feminine signature….. “Feeling a little dumbfounded Kelvin “well Guys could also have girly writing too….” Embrace smiled “yes dear… you write girly too when you start writing creatively in poetry with drawing stars and flowers  … “the sisters laughed never knew that their father had that side of him… as Elise laughed loudest clapping her hand on the kitchen table.. Emmy laughed as she rested her head on her sister a shoulder, laughing just has loud as hers…..

“Kerin Jade Ng was also a writer, blogger, researcher of sorts, an exceptionally Telescope operator at the Auckland Observatory, also her family farm is not too far from where we are… “As the sister’s father Kelvin brought along another Padd along, showing the where the farm is in relation “as you look closely where also within the boundaries of her family farm that used to be larger… Until the records shows they sold half of it off so her parents could retire easier, keeping it as a lifestyle block… With a great view of Red Hill, in which if you look closely. There’s an abandon three stories multi complex traditional Chinese fortress like housing complex where it has late Qing Dynasty era construction of where they lived in… “



Then I saw my parents cleaning up the kitchen… dropping everything onto the table, Then I ran into the Kitchen… giving the biggest childlike hugs ever… Those hugs ever like haven’t seen them least than a Decade… working workaholic like mad… “Miss you guys. Seriously” hugging my folks so hard…  “You know you’re always welcome… “Feeling my warm tear hearing that rolling down my cheek… “What time did you got back into town..?” my parents asked… replying back with wiping my tears with a nearby napkin that I’ve found…” about nine…”  The napkin soaking the tears “- got back from a very long scenic shuttle flight around the planet from Paris… “Holding back the tears, with a sigh that expressively saying home, I’m home… shore leave just kicked me… And letting go of work… for a while…Father wonder if this is a short stay here….” So are you’re on an assignment later on…? Then I told him “I’m definitely on Shore leave…  “Mom Concernly asked if something happen while at work.. Then gave another hug again. “Did something happen at work or, something…”  I replied “nothing bad happen… I just needed a break from work… besides they own it to me… also I was told to have one.. “Grabbing another Napkin… Wiping the remaining tears…



Having flying overhead over the city then finding that familiar sign that haven’t changed over the last few centuries and it always been reconditioned several times  reading in 1950’s electric teal neon’s “the Nash” right below and finding a landing parking spot below, noticing that below the street walk trees have grown larger in the years that I’ve haven’t  been by.. Previously it was a straight landing… But now I’ll have to move down and slide in pretty quickly in landing… then instructing the landing controls with a little bit more little more details to move Erin and slide under that tree…  with a little flair.. We landed gently as her four levitation units came to a full stopping glow… partially shutting Erin systems down and putting her on standby… Then removing my helmet and as I did the internal HUD began to dissipate leaving it with a blank transparent screen…. Then placing the helmet on the passenger seat as it set for remote charging…

I got out from Erin, as her doors slide ride back… then as I got out, her driver’s door s moved right back into place…  looking around the place where The Nash, also its surroundings is, the place has gotten more laminated  at night. The sidewalk trees branches have grown and now they’re lighted up with Christmas fairy lights, feeling that lighted atmosphere magically.  Looking around, how the  trees grown, there’s a tree nearby the entrance of The Nash where I’ve played at as a child while my parents was working hard inside in building , restoring renovating a family heirloom … seeing that childhood tree has now has adjacent Victorian park teal coloured bench with the decorative cast iron  flowery curves, looking at them both the Victorian sitting bench and that child tree they couple themselves romantically. ..Walking past the newly found couple then walking up a few steps up towards my Parents Diner’s door… Then opening that door…

Hearing the shuttle hatch door closed, then hearing, looking at the attendant, whom is doing the rounds of safety instructions… surprising it was one of the shuttle crew, looking in the forward section it seems it’s one of the two pilots trying to spell out the instructions in the most common languages, thinking and looking at him it’s normally it’s a hologram as I heard.. Otherwise thinking that this flight is sort of running late…. Looking around then strapping on the shuttle’s seat belt… then later soon seeing my view of the Paris rose thought the window… getting higher.. Higher until seeing the building roof tops… this is it. My long shore leave…. Then looking in the distance….looking in an urban street, a building with a white grey Edwardian Parisian roof top….  For once I’m leaving my city of work…  Then that feeling, the shuttle’s engines vibration humming smoother, as it gets to a higher altitude with a slight ease of my comfy seat pushing my back in….  Looking as the morning lighted glow Paris gets smaller…


Looking out of the window seeing the beautiful timeless streets, buildings of Paris, looking out at the place where I worked for many years without taking a break or shore leave as they say.   Sitting comfortably in the seat, comfy, then trying to catch up on the socials on my Jacket sleeve display, then  having later, switching the social screens off having a moment time by myself looking out the window again, waiting for the other passengers to be seated.

This time I’m taking a civilian shuttle seeming strange as mind keeps telling me, trying to compare the in between mod cons.  Hard to believe that I’m not taking my usual flight routines ones that I used take regularly and the vehicle of choice….  Sitting comfortably, on comfy window chair seat.  Looking back at the Parisian landscape looking at the very near distance of where I worked, seeming lots of out and in goings of shuttles wondering what’s is happening over there, thinking they’ve got it under controlled .….. Panning my view, looking in the distance of the beautiful Eiffel Tower in which was only structurally restorated soundly… only few years ago, it’s even stronger now with a fresh coat of nano paint.  Looking in the distance, looking how the sun risen over in the morning casing a dark Eiffel tower silhouette in my view of the window….

Looking around seeming there’s more passengers been seated now, plus the cabin temperature has gotten slightly warmer, as I unzip my jacket…and rolled up my jacket sleeves only a quarter up a preparing on a seeming, pretty short trip, looking around to the front of the shuttle, seeming looks like that the cockpit has been closed off, unlike the shuttles that I used to fly…. but looking at the forwarding seat in front of me.. Seeing the display…  seeming that there’s a few more stopovers before heading back home in Nashville…


Walking out the turbo lift, folding back my black Hipster rectangular glasses by into my jacket pocket… Then looking at the Holo hall Technicians.. Then signing on my Id . . . . Then dually double signing on again…  Just to reconfirm that this class final year exam is about to begin. Looking around just to see if Simon might pop up, with a surprise unauthorised transport knowing him he’ll do that … Nup…  no transporter materialization glow, or the blue soft humming energy to matter noise either.. . Sighing with a thought saying “Coming on chap, where are you..? You already letting your class down the same class that also teach also.. Also me to… you owe it to them “

Picking up the examination padd, looking what lies ahead.. Reading the examination notes… Checking what’s what… needs to be done and assess..  Looking around for one more time… Before I grade the class extremely hard…” after this I’m checking an old building in Santa Monica.

Besides that… walking into the hall seeing, the Holo deck starting to light up with the examination simulations…  my thoughts “Their final exam,  they Darn, I Hopeful that they graduate with flying colours… “Looking around seeing the faces of dozen cadets.. In the simulated Starships shuttle bay… Looking around… they may have the upper advantage that I did… Looking around it’s the Galaxy class variant retrofit… Cool…  unlike mine smaller a science Nova class… and looking around they’re going to have the upper hand… I hope…! Also this is my last class before go on a long shore leave..  But this dozen of cadets first …

Until that Holo Deck arch door open… My thoughts were jumping.. My head turn… In hoping also my thoughts saying… “About time… Simon… where have you…!” looking at the arch door… it wasn’t Simon… Disappointed… It was another cadet… Who have to make up for a previous exam…? After reading the Padds instruction that she gave me… then telling her to meet up with the dozen… now plus one…Thirteen…  Cool… Sounds like a lucky number think this is also going to be my one too…Thirteen…!


Continues ….