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A family drinking coffee  investigates deeper whom is this mystery Chinese young woman is …?”

Embrace and Kelvin looked at each other for a while, looks like “yes we did, we snuck in at night.. “ as Embrace explained “ it’s a little bit tricky this time.. We was there a couple times… also we couldn’t use the transporters otherwise that will tamper with the Quantum dating. “As she took her cup of warm coffee, then a slip of drink of warm coffee, “it was the only way possible.. Getting a sample, besides of waning our tricorders around.. “Both feeling caught, but it was good as Embrace and Kelvin looked each other caught…. Elise looked at them both… “That’s how I would go about……” both of her parents gave her that look you meant to be the good one so is Emmy too… “Guessing that her parents haven’t been on away missions for a very long time.. And this was one them in catching up that the ones they all missed.. “You guys haven’t been on way too many away missions together recently…” trying to change the subject…

“ when your mother done the Quantum Dating, forensically analysis, on the ink of the letter, also the ink on the signature.. The surprising thing.. The chemical composition in between the two matches… “as their father explained even further.. “ when I did a Security Holo playback of whom of various people that been visiting my office.. Finding one Holo copy has been erased… but there’s always a second and third copies that been backup for just in case in Hong Kong’s Starfleet Data Storage in the archives… Mostly high ranking personal don’t know that… But for you two’s that only for a need to know basis… “As their father displays the back up security footage… It shows a woman in her mid-late thirties, slightly tall, slim, slender build like supermodel found in those holo magazines…  but very Asian looking, Chinese like she’s originate from Hong Kong…  Given by the look of her style of hair, the makeup …. “We did a cross facial structural recognition…”   as their Mother explained “….from the Starfleet databases from Memory Alpha, also from the Academy… “As their father “… Also the letter envelope it was lick seal the traditional way…. There was her DNA … “As the sister’s Mother dials up another Holo Screens… In cross referencing to the Emilia towards the mystery young elegant late thirties Chinese woman’s DNA as both analysis it matches uncanny… “The Chinese Woman, with the rank of Admiral whom, entered my Office in San Francisco, broken every single security encrypted protocols … Just to place a traditional letter on my desk, why not just knock on my door…… Also the footage shows that she had some sort of hand held device, unlike any other tricorder that I’ve seen…” as the few layers of Holo images playback brought up in between the 23rd century Emilia also of the Chinese Admiral, both matches, DNA wise..  “The two sisters, sees clearly that both woman’s DNA matches… also the secondary bio security scans as well.. “




Maple Farm tree leaves makes way for Autumn Air….. Three years after the five maiden voyage of the USS Lightning and USS Hong Kong… 

Auckland, New Zealand, on wintery night in the once was rural outback’s of rural Auckland, Takanini now a posh farming network… A family siting closely together to gather warmth from a busty fire glow of a Victorian large bungalow fireplace that roared its warmth in all parts of the house.. The two sisters, Elise, Emmy just recently arrived a few hours ago, something about their great, great grandmother, as they both race back home to Earth under extreme high Slipstream in which both of their heavily modified Star-Odyssey class starship berth in the same drydock they was built a while few years ago. As both ships getting essential extensive upgrades and repairs that were really needed also they both just complete various missions early also trying out a new system drives both Trans slipstream drive. ….

Both haven’t gotten out from their uniforms, also their luggage are left behind in their custom home built shuttles parked outside the grand old farm house that they childhoodly grew up in ..  They sat around the kitchen table adjacent to the fireplace… with their parents making that Nashville Cups of coffee that they were taught; that Karen is famously is known for…  “This was left behind on desk at the Academy… The writing on the letter is uncanny to your Great, great Grandmother’s Emilia penmanship… “As he presented the heavily written pages in novel letters to his daughters… “Also it’s written with her favourite foundation pen that she always traditionally carried with her all the time when it was wedding gift from her Husband on that day.. “ as he pulled out a same duplicated pair of that pen, and place it on the kitchen table as Emmy reading onwards out loud in the letter, getting lost in a novel size pages within so the others could listen, Elise pick up the other foundation pen.. “ her one is coloured Teal,  she was an science officer, captain  on board her last ship the USS Arinia, your Great, Great Grandfather was Tactical officer.. He was a very close friend to back then to Yeoman Janice Rand of the USS Enterprise.. Emmy thinking back to the stories when” USS Arinia that was the ship was lost in battle under a massive Klingon attack as if fort bravely with all hands while protecting the serve  damage fleet of the USS Yorktown on Caleb IV..  “Elsie remembering that too “it was a recommend reading during the Academy years… that it remains a mystery still of that battle… that Great, Great Grandfather Karson.. When heard of news he was devastated when her ship was destroyed in battle.. It was the Tholians honoured her memory how she and her crew died in valour in saving them at a moment of precious time where the tide could have favour the federation or not…“




I’m looking over head towards the window of my bedroom as the sunrise warm glow enters through it shining that warm yellow glow that I love in the morning as my bedroom window reduces it tinting as it senses making way for sunlight hits it then filling it with warmth..  Then looking past Ocean Ave the sun light hits the pacific ocean of Santa Monica Beach… … Looking around bedroom finalizing the selection my clothing in my luggage then pulling it in from my walk in wardrobe… then finding a tricorder in my jacket pocket… Flipping it then taking a scan as the sensors working of my remaining of my wardrobe so I can replicate it later on as I scanning over my wardrobe then uploading it to upstairs…

Having scanned all of my wardrobe and checking my uniform in place, also in orderly… Decidedly to take a morning shower before it hit an early breakfast then reading this morning briefings before I fly out to the next assignment.. Then walking downstairs out from the bedroom floor into a lobby area in where the other half of the bedroom floor is my sister Elise… Having heard that she’s almost finishing up her final years of first command it’s pretty Awesome as that shone on my smile as I look at her other half of the bedroom floor..

Walking down to few layers of steps… to the three level lounge mix kitchen… and seeing in the center of the floor a few museum pieces that Dad collected over the years of music memorabilia major of the collection was from Nashville and this building was previously Capitol records he brought previous and moved from Hollywood and Vine having seeing the build in a heart breaking derelict condition so he brought it. Then having his Starfleet engineering friends to move it where it’s is today in where they owe him favours and still more.. Dad keeps telling my sister and I, every time when shore leave comes he comes along and off course Mom… helps out to renovated the building as I can see both the work they did in recreating this building together..


Opening that door then closing it behind with small ding of a bell… it rang for a while till it fade as I closed the white wooden doors with a glint of rusty teal showing through the paint work of the wooden frame…. walking in.. The door closing behind me…  Looking around, seeing the 1950’s diner décor around…  with the still ruby candy leather chairs, with chromed rim tables… as I remembered from the last time I was here, leaving for Starfleet Academy in San Francisco… then looking at the classic 1960’s Coca Cola posters that adored the white Diner walls … making my way to the counter looking at this new receptionist that I haven’t seen before.. Then looking at that counter where the Holo Till is as she processes the day’s daily of the night as I see the remaining customers of the very late, nearly midnight exiting the diner’s white flaky teal worn door….  With the original stripe neon wording saying it’s still open… proud that  it’s still working after fixing it a few times.. Otherwise it ended in my bedroom secretly…

The short hair pixel brunette hair teenage receptionist approached me, in saying that the Diner is closing in about thirteen minutes… as she look at that analogue white faced, black Patons clock right behind her… Then she reproach with a look… as she seems to look at me with my slight disadvantage… as seeming that she knows me “ I think I know  you from somewhere.?” … and pointing at my Starfleet red uniform Jacket with the teal stripes indicating my science colours..  And replied back “yes I work with Starfleet” she not that replied back… “I know you from somewhere.. That ginger lovely ruby hair..?” with as my eyes gives questioning look at her “yes  … I think my hair is lovely…? So is yours” Noticing that I’ve haven’t wash it since I left from Paris..  She with a yes that’s her replied look… “Thanks…” then she lifted up a very poniard old framed family portrait…  which sits at the counter… then she bellowed out “it’s you in the portrait”…  Then she ran into the Kitchen and hearing behind the semi open kitchen… “I think Your Daughter… is here… The one from Starfleet… the one who works in Paris”



Making my way out form the halls of spaceport, then using the internal trams to Exit out from the building itself finding standing for a while outside the entrance, then looking out nearby finding a cab.. Deciding to hail it.. It came, having to find it not traditional driverless, finding an actual driver in the driving seat… I got in… then he got my luggage into the boot… once settle I told him given directions   to a nearby storage warehousing, where he understood where it is … Where I’ve left something behind a long time ago…  Traveling down this road where’ve I seen long ago, looking out the window… Looking at the light polluted night, only seeing a few stars peering right out… Seeing multiple streaking reflect of light, like back in my childhood days…. Seeing the sunlight reflectively from Starships that travelling above makes an awesome view a night sleeping under the stars with Father renovating my bedroom with a sheltering slide roof skyline, with a mobile 30inich Meade telescope attaching to that viewing central station that I sit on endless nights…  so I could view the pasting Starships above earth..

Looking around as the Cab driver turns into the drive way of the storage warehouse…. The gates open as I spelling out and show my access credentials…. Towards the guy working in the night shift booth… As we drove down to the following storage warehousing..  Moving around finding a red painted door… Marked with the number thirteen… In bold white slightly worn…..  Then I told the cabbie to stop here.. Opening the cab’s door.. And getting out and looking at this massive door…  that once, still contained my old friend whom been around with me through life…  then the driver got my luggage out from the boot.. And curiously concern that I’m going to be left alone in all this darkest alley look around… then I told him “it’s okay to go… and if something happens.. I can basically handle things on my own”…. Opening my jacket… He understood… After I still have some of my work gear on that shouldered holster… Revealing a modified slide arm… My modified Phaser Pistol… otherwise my work will have to pick up the tab…

The Cabbie drove off… in and out into the distance of the warehousing…  I reach out to my jackets Comm displays.. Activating a Tricorder holding out my left wrist… Making those several command keys to open that door in which marked out boldly numbered thirteen…  Also behind that door…  something roared back to life as the large storage interior lights out with it was my friend … that classic crimson red white stripe 1969 Cadillac Deville convertible… saying that Hello as I grab my luggage and hauling in the back seat.. and checking the systems on my jackets display that’s ready to go..  and I said back with a hug, hugging that bonnet feeling  that engine then the tyres fold back inside glowing with a white circular glow emitting the flow elevating her  then getting in to driver side, feeling that red leather patent steering  wheel again..  Lifting, a few commands then the rear small impulse exhaust started to roar back to life.. Then I drove her out from storage then finding my helmet, wearing it then the Head up Displays turn on… Then now in mid-air, seeing the cabbie making out the drive way.. Seeing the storage door closes…  Then saying    “Heya Erin- I missed you… Dearly… Then hugging the steering wheel…  then making ways to my Parents place surprising them.



That moment of stepping out of the taking of my Comm badge off and inserting into my Jackets wearable device Comm placement then setting on standby…  thinking as I entered to Nashville’s spaceport terminal for the required for customs and immigration paperwork.. Reaching out on my internal left sleeve… Finding a small micro Isolinear chip. Then handing it over to the customs terminal… Finding it passed without my former works processing papers then reinserting back in by Jacket…  Looking around finding, there was lots of food stalls of all types and various other species… finding lots have change the last time I walk through this section…  of this terminal it’s a little brighter … fresher as it was clean..  Looking at the surrounding the walls of the terminal, above the stalls were quite a lot of advertising… Besides that, it was one large major holographic screen where it featuring major news something about my work place… that there was unusual large amount of shuttle traffic looking at the featured article closer.  Something that I’ve seen as I left from Paris from a further distance….  Somehow I could hail in, to call in to check in to see what’s up then again but then someone told me I need rest… And knowing that someone, that someone that I know and work for can handle it for herself…  And knowing that she could.. Thinking now that she’s sitting in my super comfy teal chair right now… In my office with all those Holo displays circling around that chair, having that awesome view of Paris should keep her clam and tested this time… thinking that she’s ready to sit in that chair of mine..


Hearing the shuttle hatch door closed, then hearing, looking at the attendant, whom is doing the rounds of safety instructions… surprising it was one of the shuttle crew, looking in the forward section it seems it’s one of the two pilots trying to spell out the instructions in the most common languages, thinking and looking at him it’s normally it’s a hologram as I heard.. Otherwise thinking that this flight is sort of running late…. Looking around then strapping on the shuttle’s seat belt… then later soon seeing my view of the Paris rose thought the window… getting higher.. Higher until seeing the building roof tops… this is it. My long shore leave…. Then looking in the distance….looking in an urban street, a building with a white grey Edwardian Parisian roof top….  For once I’m leaving my city of work…  Then that feeling, the shuttle’s engines vibration humming smoother, as it gets to a higher altitude with a slight ease of my comfy seat pushing my back in….  Looking as the morning lighted glow Paris gets smaller…