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” Very early December morning with a large warm then cold strong cup off  coffee also finding Gravity.. “

Having making back to my study, with a strong cuppa of coffee, placing nearby my notes on my center pieced large Chinese desk.. With selections of foundation pens, and Chinese brushed pens on the right, changing the lighting setting of the desk lamp form dim to fully light… Lighting up the desk lighted wide so I could see the whole desk, with notebooks, and text books on the other side……  I picked up a pen, slowly removing the lid, as I read my notes taken… Then applying more of my notes, writing fluidly..

As the late in the night progress into the early hours in the morning, then looking at my watch sitting on telling me it’s almost three in the morning, then filling up notebook with notes, I turn to get my coffee  it was cold, and almost an empty cup as it accompany into the morning.. I reached out and fold and read the other page of the textbook, finding it with some, physics equations questions.. I grabbed a logarithmic ruler to rule some graphs in finding some characteristics within the data that’s presented in the correlation of the data that I gathered from the previous class, in catching up on homework, as I drew the graph with the data, in between two axles in between form some sort of line.. Making out in to an ever so decreasing sine wave showing.. also the other graph showing logarithmically the finding the most average speed of Gravity, using the pendulum swing, after that chart of data that I’ve taken….

After drawing up the charts, and finding an old school stylize silvery scientific calculator, with the green LED’s showing the agreeable result, after dialling up a few numbers, functions and calculations after manipulating a few physics equations mathematically…   in finding the right equation.. And finding the right term for Gravity velocity.. Repeatlying the process least fifty calculations, scribing the results on a well written format A4 size graph paper, on a table.. And finding the average of entering the data on the calculator with the statistic mode on… As I push the data one by one, as I entered in the early hours of the morning… entered the data… Finding the average and the sequences of numbers pointed out to 9.82 meters per second…. With that in mind… Thinking Shouting out loud” Yes.. !!!” Standing up emoting cleating my fist expressively in the air… “Take that Sir Isaac Newton… …” then finding my was warm then now very cold cup of coffee, drinking it moving on to the next question which on the text, in finding a proof equation towards to finding Ohm Laws with an Omega symbol… Thinking that name sounds very similar as I find the complex equations in finding Ohms…

As I progressively worked on this Ohms proof throughout the morning until hitting five in the morning with my A4 size notebook taking most of my penciled in equations page after page… then eventually finding it..  In feeling the sense yes as before after finding the velocity of gravity.. Standing up.. Then finding a peacefully view of the oriental study windows opened.. Then looking out onto my large pond in the courtyard..

As I rose up from my chair noticing it was getting windy all for an unexpected reason, that it’s forecast to be a very still warm morning… as I walked towards the doorway arch… onto the my ancient Chinese style balcony.. That’s sits over the pond, a white flash starting to appear.. With a sort of that haunting strange damage wropping groan sound, that’s looks like a box appeared.. Making it out to be black with a gilt of ink reflective blue, but knowing it was dark. It could be any colour during the day…


it’s past midnight.. wintery Hong Kong .. time for Coffee.. 

It’s a quiet night In New Territories, Hong Kong also, the buildings are brighten up in the distance from afar from the abandon village that succumbing to its newly rural development neighbor that’s rebuilding after the world war two.. That end ten years ago with a lot of high rise buildings that’s taking shape, with new development an industry to keep the city breathing…

In that distance lived one remaining home, in the village with its ancient buildings intact… Orthough one home remains lighted in the center of the village, Orthough also it was an very old fortress, a modest one, with it garrison walls still holding protecting the village it seems that the only residents still living there still lighting up the town

Orchid was just, getting ready to go bed after a night’s lesson of having here English tutoring her in English, her parents were out, on overseas in sorting something out, it was dark in surrounding her house, nothing that she could handle, looking over the distance in the courtyard where’s there’s a garden pond where’s its need some major needs in repairs. In that she found some lighting around where off switching on some lights that lights up the outdoor hallways, lighting up the red lanterns that been hung up since mother and dad inherit the old fortress from long time ago.. Noticing Emma, in a distance bedroom switching of her lights and in the shadow of her window screen getting ready for bed…  I started moving to my study in finishing of the notes that she writing from today’s lessons… heading back to my study after been to the kitchen, in which it modernized in the last few months before my parents headed out.. Making a cup of coffee, that it was instant coffee.. Just something quick.. just enough to make it through the night with finishing of some notes..  Orthough my grasp of  the English language is pretty good. But having Esquires  Emma  Allanach from Oxford, was pretty good, for about a year, orthough this she decidedly to extended as long summer holidays from London the last time she left it was wintery cold season, she found it here quite nice despite it been hot and humid during the summer time, but Hong Kong’s winter is manageable..


A few months ago….

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A few weeks ago I’ve got a commission on a new ship, orthough she’s small in size, but I’m going to make sure that she does have a serious punch what ever that she could muster plus a crew to do it too. I few weeks ago, I’ve been on the Vega sector, fighting the fight with the Borg incursion, they’ve been slowly ever so increasing reach of federation space.

I first entered the scene with having a few drinks with a few friends in the mess hall, on our shift, until that day, it was a long one, being red alert a mostly constant at all times in this sector, also just moments ago went to get a phaser pistol from the Master at Arms after having a visited the engineering section doing an armoury stock take if the corriodors are well armed.

Then it was later on having a decent sushi, it was modest lunch at most, and had the replicator add some sweet soy bacon also just to give an extra crunch. Until that red alert, racing out of the mess room, and finding ourselves with gearing up with our tricorders in the ready with a phaser pistol in the other hand, the ship was jolted constantly, there was several  breaches among other hulls. There was structures from the nearby corridors collapsing, from above decks, making away through several fire fights with the Borg, trying to re modulate constantly, just trying to think several steps ahead of the Borg adaptations to our weapons. A few could but some didn’t make it along the way, some had to run while they had the chance to. It was understandable.

Along the way we found one of ship’s corridors have been Borgify, with control conduits, and scanning found they were controlling parts of the ship, think the only way of disabling them the way through is discharging phasers down the throats of the conduits, and several other Borg that where maintaining there stations.

When had Analyst of the situation, we had a hand full of Tactical, some engineers, and two Sci officers left. what we had in mind is the have the Tactical distract the attention away from the Borg in maintenances duties, while we Sci, Engineers start disabling the Conduits. Some how along the way we had to do this fast, very fast just to over whelm the Borg, also giving there adaption a very much less chance of re modulating there amour shields.  We had the Tactical focus on each Borg, then start to re modulate their phaser settings.  It was a fight, fire fight, pretty much duck, cover then strike, and randomly those steps a few times down the ship’s corridors.

Taking down the conduits in the end, gave us back the control of weapons, and other vital shipboard  Engineering and operational systems back online. We had a couple of injuries, and one Tactical down, he fought hard, but there was a Borg right behind him waiting to assimilate  him in the end, he did what he had to do. It was hard to speak at that time, first time seeing a full phaser setting, let just say it, it was hard.   Some how I wish I got to know him, more.  My thoughts were saying to me, run, fight on.  So I pick up another spare phaser pistol from by belt, had my tricorder syncing them on random remodulation phase frequencies. And battling out with the rest of the team until we reach to the sickbay to attend the injured.